Residential Stakeholders

The platform replaces your current thermostat with your choice of several models, which then communicate over the internet with your Cooperative or Municipal utility, allowing you to co-operate not just financially, but directly as your own micro-grid utility manager. It's very easy to use, the same as your old thermostat. If you want to do more, you have interfaces to control how much the temperature setpoints change, and get notices on your smartphone app when you can get a direct bonus rebate for turning off the lights, computer, and AC and taking the family for a nice break at the pool.

REC and Municipal Distribution Operators

The platform integrates multiple demand response platforms, and provides a single 'virtual power plant', along with a cost estimation tool to allow operators to balance the cost of incentivizing demand response vs the cost of procuring additional generation on at spot market prices.




Residential Automatic Demand Response

The open-source residential AutoDR (Automated Demand Response) platform allows cooperative and municipal utilities to provide direct financial incentivesto residential market participants who are willing to change behaviors to maximize electric power delivery and mangement effectiveness.


Small Commercial and Residential Solar

The platform can also provide significant benefits for residential and small commercial stakeholders with on-site solar generation. Systems with a 48VDC bus such as TenKSolar can be extended with the energy storage module, and provide signficant demand response value, allowing us to provide the energy storage system at no cost to you

For investor-owned utilities

The platform is also available for IOUs. Please contact us for a free on-site evaluation of your current DR management system, and options for deployment.